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OCS Strategic Planning Committee

The OCS Strategic Planning Committee would like to hear
any ideas you may like to submit to us for improving our school.
Please submit your ideas at the following email address:


Help Us Plan for Our Future!

With our current 5 year Strategic Plan set to be completed in 2018 we are starting our planning for the next 5 year strategic plan by starting to collect some information from our stakeholders. If you are a former student of OKAA/OCS (within the last 10 years), parent, alumni, constituent church member, former or present staff, or a current student you are invited to take part in our SWOT (Strenghts, Weakness, Opportunities, Threats) 2017 online survey. Your opinions and ideas are important to us and will be used in the development of our next plan.

OKAA/OCS 5 Year Strategic Plan and Progress Report 
(dynamic working document - pdf)

School Calendar for 2017-18
(Calendar Events are subject to change)

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2017/18 FYIs for the OCS (formerly OKAA) Family
To get a idea of what has been happening here at Okanagan Christian
School take a look at the newsletters and the FYIs (a publication of the
OCS School Board)
posted below:

 May 2018 FYI (NAD Accreditation done, Mission Trip a Success!)
 Feb-Mar 2018 FYI (Constituency Meeting Report )
 January 2018 FYI (New Year Brings Changes!)
 November 2017 FYI (What's Been Going On?)
 September 2017 FYI (Enrollment Increases by 42%, New Staff)
 August 2017 FYI (Enrollment is on the Rise, Year of Change)

2016/17 Newsletters/FYIs for the OKAA Family
 Special Edition 2017 FYI (100 Year Homecoming Event Schedule)
 May/June 2017 FYI (What Has Been Happening Lately)
 Mar/Apr 2017 FYI (Report on the 2017 OKAA Constituency Meeting)
 Jan/Feb 2017 FYI (OKAA Constituency Meeting)
 Nov/Dec 2016 FYI (OKAA Project 'Here We Grow' Update)
 Sept/Oct 2016 FYI (OKAA Project 'Here We Grow')
 August 2016 FYI (Look at What is New at OKAA for 2016-17 School Year)

2015/16 Newsletters/FYIs for the OKAA Family
 June 2016 Newsletter (Celebrating our Graduates)
 June 2016 FYI (Acknowledging our Volunteers)
 May 2016 Newsletter (A Visit to the O'Keefe Ranch)
 May 2016 FYI (Changes Are a Foot!)
 April 2016 Newsletter (Philippines Mission Trip Report)
 April 2016 FYI (Philippines Mission Trip)
 March 2016 Newsletter (CASA Jr Volleyball Champs!)
 March 2016 FYI (BC Introducing New K-9 Curriculum)
 February 2016 Newsletter (Constituency Meeting Report, Climbing to New Heights)
 February 2016 FYI (Service - an OKAA Essential; Constituency Meeting Report)
 January 2016 Newsletter (A Match Girl's Christmas)
 January 2016 FYI (Attacking Our Challenges - Part 3/3)
 December 2015 Newsletter (CASA Sr Volleyball, Remembrance Day)
 December 2015 FYI (Attacking Our Challenges - Part 2/3)
 November 2015 Newsletter (CASA Flag Football, Fall Week of Prayer)
 November 2015 FYI (Attacking Our Challenges - Part 1/3)
 October 2015 Newsletter (HS Campout, Clean Up Service Event)
 October 2015 FYI (Enrollment Continues to Climb)
 September 2015 Newsletter (Enrolment Numbers, New Bible Course)
 August 2015 FYI (Gearing up for 2015-16 School Year)

2014/15 Newsletters/FYIs
 June 2015 Newsletter (Outdoor School, Seattle Field Trip)
 June 2015 FYI (Thank you to all our Volunteers!!)
 May 2015 Newsletter (Spring Week of Prayer, Soles4Souls)
 May 2015 FYI (Centennial Committee looking for Contact Info)
 April 2015 Newsletter (Welcome back Kim!, After School Clubs)
 April 2015 FYI (OKAA's 100 year Homecoming Plans Underway)
​​ March 2015 Newsletter (Wow! What a Busy February)
 March 2015 FYI (Our Challenge - Looking Towards Next Year)
 February 2015 Newsletter (Constituency Meeting Report)
 February 2015 FYI (Our Challenge - Constituency Meeting Report)
 January 2015 Newsletter (A Special Christmas Delivery)
 January 2015 FYI (Our Challenge - Funding Christian Education)
 December 2014 Newsletter (An Assembly to Remember!)
 December 2014 FYI (Planning for the Future - Christian Education)
 November 2014 Newsletter (Adam's River Field Trip)
 November 2014 FYI (100 years of Christian Education)
 October 2014 Newsletter (Principal Gets a Dunking!)
 October 2014 FYI (A Mission Field in our Own Backyard)
 September 2014 Newsletter (Back to School - With More Students!)
 September 2014 FYI (It Was a Busy Summer Here at OKAA)

2013/14 Newsletters and FYI
 August 30, 2013 Newsletter (OKAA Teachers Excited for Tuesday)
 September 13, 2013 Newsletter (School starts with Haystack Lunch)
 September FYI 
 October 4, 2013 Newsletter (visit to McMillan Farms)
 October FYI
 November 1, 2013 Newsletter (Drama Team - Protection)
 November FYI
 December 6, 2013 Newsletter (Follow that Star)
 January 17, 2014 Newsletter (Kelowna Rockets Come to Visit OKAA)
 January FYI
 January 17, 2014 Newsletter (Bring Back the Table?)
 February FYI (Why We Exist)
 March 14, 2014 Newsletter (Do Something to Make a Difference)
 February FYI (The Heart of Giving)
 April 11, 2014 Newsletter (What's Happening in Science 8)
 April FYI (Thanks for Your Giving)
 May FYI (A Day Without Shoes)
 May 16, 2014 Newsletter (Geocaching)
 June FYI (News and Changes to OKAA staff for the 2014-15 School Year)
 June 13, 2014 Newsletter (O'Keefe Ranch field trip, 2014 Grads, HS Field Trip)

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