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You say school, I say home...

By Brianna 


Okanagan Adventist Academy. You say school, I say home. 

My name is Brianna and I was a student at Okanagan Adventist Academy. If you know me, then you will know that I am always upbeat, outgoing and I know who I am; but before OKAA I was only half of what I am now. Before I came to this school my life was hectic, I was skipping school, failing classes and I always cared about how people looked at me, then I came to OKAA. The people at the school greeted me with warm smiles and let me in on all of the love they offered. I could be myself without being judged or looked down on, I could ask teachers for help when I needed it and I was able to get back into my Christianity. Every day I get up and smile because I know I'm coming to a place I can call home.

At OKAA I can learn in an environment I feel comfortable in, where everyone is full of kindness. Thanks to the patient teachers and welcoming staff I got my grades back up, thanks to the students my bounce in my step is back and thanks to Jesus my life is back on track. Thank you to everyone at OKAA for letting me be a part of your school and find myself again.

God bless everyone. 
Okanagan Adventist Academy

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