Okanagan Adventist Academy

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International School

International Education Program

International students are welcomed into our learning community and receive ESL instruction along with the regular program taught in English.  Students need to have some ability to communicate in the English language in order to follow basic instructions and to live life in Canadian society.  There are opportunities to practice the English language with fellow Canadian students during lunch breaks and during extra-curricular activities after school.

The regular program consists of a variety of classes such as English (reading, writing and spelling), Math, Science, Social Studies, Religion, Physical Education, Fine Arts (music, art and drama).  High school students have other options including Home Economics, Wood working, Computer Technology, Children who are in kindergarten through grade 4 will not be accepted unless they are accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Short Term Programs

Short term stays of 2 weeks or more can be arranged.  Please email us to make such a special request.  The regular full fees plus a pro-rated tuition fee will be charged.

Monitoring Your Child’s Progress

Teachers will regularly email progress reports which show in detail: assignment scores and incomplete assignments as well as a per cent score up to that point in the term.  Parents are welcome to email questions or requests for information.  See Home page.